Apr 25, 2009

Microbox New Mtk chineese Update 63 models Added For free

New Mtk Module Updated 64 new models added on it

Sfr 231 code Reader Added Only for this model

Code Reader And direct Unlock Added on Following ZTC MODELS:

168 168 V3 528 580 588 608 6588 660 6618 6618 14 pin 6618 V2 6628 668 6698 818 8828 968 988 999 A168 A818 D1100 DC818 E550 F882 H18 H668 HjH K600 K818 M608 N328 N82-1 N86 P08 P8500 S508 S968 T58 V2 T88 V2008 VIP888 ZT K98 ZT009 ZT1588 ZT168 ZT168 V2 (20pin) ZT168 V3 ZT303 ZT3328 ZT528 ZT588 ZT588 V2 ZT588 V3 ZT6588 ZT6608 ZT6618 V4 ZT6668 ZT8089 ZT8099 MAIN ZT8099 SUB ZT868 ZT890

More surprise on the way just stay tuned

Br Miccrobox Team

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