Dec 11, 2008

ODM Rocker v1.33 Moto EM325, W450 direct unlock supported !

ODM Rocker v1.33 Moto W450 direct unlock supported !
11.12.2008 ODM Rocker v1.33 released

Whats new ?

  • Added direct unlock for Motorola W450
  • Changed J132 unlock method
  • Fixed W270/W230 unlock bugs
Motorola W388 and W396 code calculation is still free ofcourse, but we have one important statement:

- Phones damaged with smart clip will have WRONG codes. We are working on solution for this problem, so please dont upload eeproms from phones which is "unlocked" by smart clip.
- Direct unlock and repair for these models is going to be released next week.

Just to have it in mind, ODM Rocker is still ONLY available solution to unlock Motorola EM325. (released by vodafone in australia and many other countries)

Please download ODM Rocker v1.33 from Rocker Dongle support.

Enjoy Using Rocker Dongle !

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