Jan 16, 2009

15.01.09 SagemDD, Now phone flashing just begin

Dear customers,

we are glad to present flashing support for LoCosto based Sagem phones.

Change language and reset EEP is now possible via SagemDD application.

The benefits are :

- simple and user friendly interface (not with many incomprehensible checkboxess, but only 2 buttons);

- easy FW selection : - just select desired firmware from support area, download it and start;

- clear and accurate cost of service;

- Speed, reliability and safety (as usual);

Currently we start with support of Sagem my100x M64 platform.

my100X_LA5,JA 150906 1733_(381C05)_(Eng_ Ger_Pol).exe

my100X_LA5,JC 131006 1141_(8E1205)_(Eng_Ger_Tur_Hol_Hun).exe

my100X_LA5,JC 131006 1143_(041405)_(Fr_Eng_Ger_Ita_Hol).exe

my100X_LC5,JC 181006 1134_(181E05)_(Fre_Ara).exe

my100X_LC5,JD 200307 1054_(6C1C05)_(Eng_Ara).exe

We will continue to extend list of supported phones and firmwares.

Of course customer feedbacks and reports are welcome.

Also we want to remind, receiving of new flash.bin`s (not in current list) are important.

Flashing my100X (LoCosto based) will be free of charge till 18.01.2009

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