Jan 18, 2009

BB5KING Activator V3 (for BB5BOX or BB5KING Dongle)


New BB5KING Activator V3 software is ready.

To be used with BB5BOX or with BB5KING dongle.

(ONLY for users who purchased BB5KING activation for BB5BOX or who purchased BB5KING Dongle)

Here is link for download:


All you need to do is:

1. Write BB5 King Applet

2. Activate BB5 King Applet

Your BB5BOX / BB5KING Dongle is now activated and ready to use with last version of BB5KING unlock software.



PS: since bb5king come free for all pkey Raskal, Tomas and Pkey Pro, activator V1 and V2 no more use.

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