Jan 24, 2009

DCunlocker PROMOTION- 2FREE UNLOCKS for Vygis customers -Skypephones AMOIWS-S1,WS-S2


DC-unlocker client software V1.00.238

Direct unlock in 3 sec : Skypephones AMOI WS-S1, WS-S2. All versions supported.

All Vygis and VPower dongles can get free trial 15 credits.

If trial credits not used before, you can unlock 2 skypephones or 5 huawei (vodafone) phones or 1 modem.

How to use this addon:

Software download :


- Just install the DC Software.

- Connect Vygis dongle.

- The DC software identify the Vygis dongle, sending request to the server. If this is the first time you are doing this, then the server will make IMMEDIATELY an account with 15 credits for this Vygis Dongle.

These credits can be used for :

SkypePhones Unlock -7 credits

Huawei Vodafone phones unlock -3 credits

GSM modems - 15 credits.

How to unlock SkypePhone:

-Install skypephone drivers (folder of dc unlocker)

-Select SkypePhone Amoi as manufacturer

-Power on phone, wait till phone fully starts, turn into USB and after windows detects device, you can press "Detect phone"

-Press unlock

-After unlock ok, restart phone.

If phone not found, please set to "Via USB" (settings/connectivity/modem connection) in your phone and reinsert USB cable

Who has dc-unlocker activation on Vygis dongle or DC-unlocker dongle Skype phones and Huawei based Vodafone phones can unlock unlimited.

More information http://www.dc-unlocker.com

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