Jan 31, 2009


ok i just bought a BB 8110 off ebay and it was SIM unlocked - the problem came up when i tried to activate my BB service on this phone...
I just did not get the "EDGE" in capitals. I did everything i could and even got my whole account reset through my service providor. Later after talking to some technical people in blackberry, i was told that this phone is "DATA LOCKED" and i needed to get the DATA Part unlocked (which is not the same as SIM UNLOCKING). Lots of browsing later and a some really good guidance from some forum friends, i figured that this was a T-Mobile Germany Piece and in Germany, T-Mobile DATA LOCKS their PROSUMER blackberries, which means that one can only use the data on their network. "If its a software lock - it can be unlocked someone." Finally i tried changing the VENDOR ID and viola, i'm back on - GOT "EDGE" and my BB service is perfectly working on this phone. This change in vendor ID also DE-BRANDED My phone and now i dont get the T-MOBILE Splash screen , only Blackberry screen. The procedure i followed is as below - (This has been taken from some other posting and all put together here as a single procedure - Complete respect to the people who did each step on their own and took time to write down the procedure) I just hope people dont have to worry about going crazy searching - so its all here below - WHAT YOU NEED - 1. BB Desktop Manager installed. 2. Your Phones Latest OS downloaded and installed and Vendor.xml deleted 3. MFI Multiloader installed. 4. The VSM File STEPS I FOLLOWED. 1. Open MML and connect your phone and let MML continue its procedure till your see "1" on your phones screen. 2. Now disconnect your Phone and type "START" on your phone - You should now see " No Application Linked(Factory OS) " on your phones screen. You would normally just install/restore your OS using Blackberry DM now and your phone would be SIM unlocked. But we now need to change the VSM file, in order to change the Vendor ID, before we install the OS. 3. Keep the Internet disconnected and open MML and untick "AUTO START" 4. Now on your computer keyboard press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F12 to get the secret hidden menu in MML 5. NOW connect your phone. 6. Click on LOAD VSM and Choose the VSM file that your have downloaded earlier - Press "OK" Once the VSM File successfully installed. 7. Now Open Blackberry Desktop Manager and Install / Restore the Latest OS you want. When you start up your phone, you will have DE-BRANDED and a new Vendor ID. I used the VSM attached for myself and it worked. This DE-BRANDED and now my phones "DATA UNLOCKED" as well and SIM UNLOCKED as well - All in One. You can download the VSM i used from here... http://www.turboupload.com/files/get...-09712-002.zip

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