Jan 18, 2009

Free for all: SE A1 & A2 Phone Explorer v1.01 released - Red A2 supported

SE A1 & A2 Phone Explorer


is an application for Exporing SonyEricsson A1 and A2 phone's file-system via FTP. The application initializes the phone and starts an FTP server enabling access to the phone's file-system. Simply use your favorite FTP client and explore your phone.

No dongle or supreme credit is needed. Just download and work.

A1 Retail phones (DB2012, DB2020) (so called "Red") do not support file downloads, they only support file-system browsing, folder manipulation and file uploads. If you want to read files from the phone, it must be converted to developer/factory state (so called "Brown" or "Blue") first. This can be done with Cruiser Team's D-Ultimate Unlocker or Cruiser Suite Ultimate Unlocker easily.

A2 SonyEricsson phones are fully supported independently on color. All colors are fully supported.


Version 1.01 [081209]

Added full-feature exploring (file download) for Red (Retail) A2 phones (DB3150, DB3210)

• Finalized serial interface support

Version 1.00 Beta [081205]

• Initial release

Phone file-system explore-via-FTP

Supported SonyEricsson platforms: DB2012, DB2020, DB3150, DB3210

• Supports Serial and USB interfaces

• Supports USB Flash driver version

• (Beta) Serial interface support is not finished yet

Version 0.99

• The last internal version

Phone Explorer v1.00 Beta is available FOR FREE at official Cruiser Suite downloads section.

Click here to see Video about How to work with Phone Explorer.


Cruiser Suite Team


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