Jan 24, 2009

LG Rocker 1.05 Released

LG Rocker 1.05 Released

23.01.2009 LG Rocker v1.05 released

Whats new:

  • Added chipset MSM21301207T to the known list (MSM6280 compatible).

  • Added chipset MSM32701001 to the known list (MSM6280 compatible).

  • Added chipset MSM232521C to the known list (MSM6280 compatible).

  • Added Support Access button (LG Rocker has new support server)

  • Uploaded around 40GB of flash files

  • Preparing support for MSM6250A phones


All new security phones are MSM6280 compatible. So in case You get "MSMxxxxxx" is not supported, uncheck auto mode and set chipset to MSM6280 !

Since we had some unexpected troubles in last two weeks, MSM6250A release will take some time. Hopefully from next week we will start adding all models starting with U310. Same applies to 2G models.

Please download and install "LG_Rocker_v1.05.exe" from support.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !


There is around 1020 different new security firmware compilations. So others have lots to do . . .

Even 10 firmwares daily, its still 50 days . . .

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