Jan 12, 2009

MT Box SE - DB31xx inside v2.9

Friday, 12 January 2009

Release notes:
  • Added support for DB3200 and DB3210 SonyEricsson platform
  • New models supported C905 CID 52, G705 CID 52, W902 CID 52
  • Added unlock support via server for DB3210 platform ( 20 logs)
  • Hi-Speed USB flash support allowed, now flash phones 2-3 x faster depend from phone model and flash ic inside. Recommended DCU65 cable for best performance
  • New USB drivers added V2.2.0.0
  • Reset user lock and total call timer for DB3210
  • Added new flash loaders for both platforms
  • DB3210 CUS files are now located in root folder for each phone model and can be used with any firmware version
Please note:
Because of name change from DB31xx to DB3xxx, software will install to:
C:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT SonyEricsson\DB3xxx inside\
please move your backup files to the new software directory

WBR - rotelcam

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