Jan 12, 2009

Universal Box Update 2.6.7 – 12/01/2009

BB5 simlock repair and certificate restore is now enabled again.This feature is supported only if your phone have valid IMEI no.If your phone is erased fully, or have no valid NPC data (erased flash), then you can't use this service.This service will also not work if your phone have blacklisted IMEI. -but our software will inform you about this if needed-So what u can do if you have a dead phone?
Backup the certificates
Erase your phone fully
Flash it with latest software version
Restore the certificates
Send ASK
Write RPL Some bugs are also fixed...- DCT4 PM write bug (auth failed)- BB5 certificate backup bug when simlock checkbox was not checked- BB5 flashing bug in some modells- Added erase file for 64M flash types (will be usefull for most of new phones like 6301, and many nor flash types)...stay tuned, updates will come verry soon.Br.: UB Team

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