Jan 16, 2009

Universal-SIM Standard Update V610 ,download

What's new in version V610 ( Download HERE )

  • Solved some Universal-SIM stability problems that caused the phone to display insert sim after a while

  • Modified custom presets configuration to fit the NEW PRESETS LAYOUT - Please modify all your preset.ini files YOUR OLD PRESETS WON’T WORK!!! Add for each preset ( PRESET_SHOW = "NO") for more detailed info please read the appropriate section of this manual. ( Advanced settings )

  • Tested with more than 200 simcards.

  • Modified the way informations from operator card are displayed and the way are read from simcard.

  • Added 3G compatibility detection (usefull for some phones to detect incompatible cards ). If your simcard reads “ Card is compatible with 3G Phones ( MOMO MD-1 )” that means is possible for the card to work with 3G phones but is not 100% guaranteed. We will try to improve the detection process also in upcoming updates to help you check faster if a simcard is not compatible with 3G phones. ( Samsung P910 / Momo MD-1 and others ).

  • Improved smartcard reader compatibility. ( other than PKEY )

  • Tested on MOMO Design MD 1 and MD 2 phones. ( Please use the MOMO Design setting for this phones. ) A lot of simcards are not compatible with MD1 phones, In fact from 200+ simcards that we have only few are working T-Mobile UK some, 3 Hong Kong some, so please use the Read operator card button to check for compatibility ( is not detecting cards 100% yet but we are still working on this ). But be 100% sure if the program will display that is not compatible with 3G phones that means is not compabile for sure.

  • Added SHOW DONE option for each setting and preset. ( Default is DISABLED ) Using this option you can choose to force the Mobile Phone to display an UNLOCK DONE message after unlock operation is completed ( Not applicable for Nokia Default and TESTMODE unlock types ).

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