Jan 19, 2009

unlock SagDD add my210x files to support ..

Flash files for Sagem my210x already prepared ...

Currently available flash files for Sagem my210x in support area :

- my210X_LA5,OF_080207 1553_(301405)_SAGEM_(Eng_Ger_Ita_Fre);

- my210X_LA5,OG_120407 1501_(2A1005)_O2_(Hol_Eng_Ger_Ita_Fre);

- my210X_LA5,OI_090207 1006_(151205)_SAGEM_(Bul_Pol_Rom_Eng_Fre);

- my210X_LC5,OB_180407 1733_(801C05)_SAGEM_(Ara_Eng_Fre);

- my210X_LR5,OF_231106 1236_(C11005)_SAGEM_(Ukr_Rus_Tur_Eng);

We will continue to extend list of supported phones and firmwares.

Of course customer feedbacks and reports are welcome.

Also we want to remind, receiving of new flash.bin`s (not in current list) are important.

SagemJatgUnlocker Team

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