Jan 22, 2009

Z3X LG box Update.ADDED REPAIR SECURITY !!! Added phones KU990GO

Z3X LG box. New security LG Nonstop updates. Added KU990GO phone.

LG Qualcomm update v.1.3.0

Added new phone: KU990GO

Added 2new important fuctions:

+ restore security from backup

+ repair security

List of supported phones: CU515, CU720, CU920, KF310, KU250, KU380, KU385, KU970, KU990, KU990GO, U250, U370, U960, U970, U990

Added firmwares:

KU990GO-MSM6280-V10a-AUG-01-2008-XX/Sep 08 200817:39:16AUG 01 200817:00:00KU990GO

KU380-MSM6245-V10d-DEC-11-2007-XX/Dec 11 200719:13:17Sep 30 200704:00:00KU380

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