Feb 3, 2009

03.02.09 Now my411X/411V/411Xi flashing is supported by SagDD

Flashing Sagem phones with SagDD are easily and safely.

Each one is self extracting ".exe" file with the exact name of the phone for which is intended,

Firmware name, Hash table, operator customization, and supported languages list.

In support area flash files are grouped by compatibility,

for exam : - my411X can be flashed as 411V or 411Xi phone type

When phone flashing is necessary ?

- replacement language pack;

- to solve problems : "freeze or restart after start-up logo".

We recommend all other problems : "Hardware failure mobile blocked",

"phone code timer repair", "SIM Locked w/o sim", Error "3" and "!" to be

resolved by SagDD function "REPAIR". It's more quickly and safely
and does not cost anything.

After successfully flash, phone are with new firmware and SIM free (UNLOCKED)!!!

Flashing process is server based - so connection to server is obligatory!

With out it phone security can't be recalculated and you will get "SIM Locked" forever!

Essential requirements:

- fully charged battery;

- do not flash phones with incompatible firmwares, you need to do
this again and log's will not be refund

In the promotional period (until 28.02.09) flashing phone will cost1 credit only.

If your account is not charged enough, you will receive an :

"Box not licensed for this operation" and process will terminate.

List of new added flashes:

my411V_LV5,RO 180407 1441_(84 2A 05)_VODAFONE_(Fra_Ita_Ger_Eng_Tur_Hol_Che_Hun).exe

my411X_LO5,RE 120407 1619_(56 20 05)_ORANGE_(Fre_Spa_Eng_Hol).exe

my411X_LO5,RJ 170807 1338_(E4 28 05)_ORANGE_(Eng_Che_Slo_Rom_Pol_Rus).exe

my411X_LR5,RD 150507 1452_(31 25 05)_SAGEM_(Fre_Ger_Eng_Tur_Che_Rom_Pol_Bul_Rus_Hun _Hor).exe

my411X_LR5,RE 010607 1732_(84 20 05)_EURO_NET_(Fre_Spa_Ger_Eng_Tur_Hol_Rus_Ukr).exe

my411X_LR5,RG 130707 1531_(67 20 05)_SAGEM_(Eng_Tur_Rus_Ukr).exe

my411X_LX5,RQ 060707 1110_(00 28 05)_VIRGIN_MOBILE_(Fre_Ita_Spa_Ger_Eng_Por_Tur_Hol ).exe

The flash files V12.0 (old my100X and my210X flash files)
are no more supported!

Current flashes are V12.1 !!!

SagemJtagUnlocker team

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