Feb 27, 2009

LG Rocker v1.08 - U880 Unlock, Fixed bugs with U890

27.02.2009 LG Rocker v1.08 released

Whats new:

  • Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V11E-NOV-13-2006-H3G

  • Added U880 unlock, firmware: U880-MSM6250-V11A-JUN-20-2006-H3G

  • Added U880 unlock, firmware: U880-MSM6250-V10B-FEB-08-2006-H3G

  • Added U880 unlock, firmware: U880-MSM6250-V10B_WM-FEB-08-2006-H3G

  • Added U880 unlock, firmware: U880-MSM6250-V11C-OCT-20-2006-H3G

  • Added U880 unlock, firmware: U880-MSM6250-V11B-JUL-28-2006-H3G

  • Added U880C unlock, firmware: U880C-MSM6250-V10B-FEB-08-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A-MAR-21-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A-MAR-24-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A_WM-APR-18-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A_WM-JUN-07-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10B-MAY-23-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10B_WM-APR-29-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10E-JUN-20-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10F-JUN-28-2006-H3G

  • Fixed U890C unlock, firmware: U890C-MSM6250A-V10C-MAY-08-2006-H3G

  • Changed unlock of OTP phones - now the inconsistency which can emerge due to break (by user or whether on error) is removed.

Please download and install "LGRocker_v1.08.exe" from support area.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !

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