Feb 15, 2009

MOMO Design MD-3 Direct Unlock Free

Unlock MOMO design MD-3 freeeeeeee

Now with VodaStar new upgrade Ver 4.16 you can Unlock
MOMO Design MD-3 for freeeeeee

it is time to be a STAR

for download ver 4.16 from here rar file password is 0000

can also watch video from here

unlock using Original USB cable , it is same cable as MOMO design MD-2 also same as F230 and F156

unlocking is so simple same as all USB phones

1- switch phone on without sim, be sure modem setting on phone is USB

2- connect phone to clip USB and never toutch any key on phone after that

3- press unlock on clip

4- wait phone totaly restart and clip will blink 2 times green

5- test with sim card will be all ok

big thnx to chuckyIt for provide MD-3 samples , for his test and help

next week will have big big big update

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  1. link not working...............pk bro

  2. Hi friends,

    do you need a clip (to buy somewhere) or is it working with the original phone usb cable?

    On the video I see a clip/box with a led and a button...