Feb 11, 2009

Z3X BenQ Texas Instruments Free Unlock addon !!

BenQ Texas Instruments Tool Released!

We are proud to present a Benq Texas Instruments Tool for Benq Siemens Tool activation owners.

Module feautures are: - Flashing Full flash, Firmware, Language & Eeprom. - Reading FullFlash и Eeprom. - Multilanguage interface (3 language supported now) Supported models BenQ T33. List of models will be upgraded very soon. Added new files to support zone: T33-PEAS1A410400.fmw T33-PEAS1A411000.fmw T33-PEAS1AL1041011_En_Cn.lpk T33-PEAS1AL1041012_En_In_Vn.lpk T33-PEAS1AL1101012_En_In_Vn.lpk T33-PEAS1AL1041022_En_De_Pl_Ru_Ua_Es_Lt_Li.lpk T33-PEAS1AL1041025_En_De_Fr_Tu_Pl_Ro_Sl.lpk

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