Mar 9, 2009

Genie Universal BB5+ No TP RAP3 PA_SL2 Unlimited

v - 07.03.2009
Genie Universal
Release of the BB5+ PA_SL2 Unlock Version!!!

*Unlimited for RAP3 PA_SL2 Model: 3210, 3120, 5310 , 6500S , 6500c, 6555, 3555 etc..

*Credits limit for Rapido PA_SL2 Model: 5320, 5800, 6110, 6120c, 6120N, 6121c, 6124c, 6210, 6220c, 6650, E51, E66, E71, N78, N81, N81, N79, N85, N82, N95_8GB, N96, etc..

**RAPIDO PA_SL2 unlock is 50 credits

**TAKE NOTE!!! RAP3 PA_SL2 unlock is free but requires to have minimum of 200 credits in the device. If you use them for other services, you can always ‘Top Up’ to restore the unlock function.

**Update your Genie SD card content with Genieclient.exe!

Official Site:

For more information pls refer to here: LINK

Gsmcity forum:LINK

Genie Official forum: Link

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