Apr 25, 2009

Polar Box2 V2.11 More free models added, More World First Supported

Hi to all,
This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :


All this new versions of Polar requires that you have registered your box
Old registration method (via web) has been deleted (obsolete)
Execute Polar_SAT (Service Advanced Tool) and register it again
This software "Polar_SAT" now comes with all new updates (like this update)

If you not REGISTER you polarbox, you will not allow to use this services :

- Unlock all SAMSUNG 3G (via server)
- Unlock all SAGEMS locost-callypso (server via credits)
- Unlock ORANGE Newyork and Berlin
- Unlock ModemsUSB or PCMCIA Cards (added new module)
- Have balance account activated (you will loose your old sagem logs)
- Have access to support (for next updates)
- Resellers CANT add credits to your BOX or activate LG3g in real time
- Etc etc etc ..................

New Module Created - Panda Box Suite v1.0.2 !!!

This is a new module created for all PolarBox2 users
Released as beta (for testing) and for report any bug from users

This module will be completed with more and more features (as usual)
Will be included automatically in all polarbox updates (main software)

This are the "initial" features :


* Huawei E220 (usb modem)
* Huawei E620 (pcmcia)
* Novatel Merlin U530 (pcmcia)
* Novatel Merlin U630 (pcmcia)
* Novatel Merlin U730 (pcmcia)
* Novatel Merlin U740 (pcmcia)
* Option GT 3G+ EMEA (pcmcia)
* Option GT 3G QUAD (pcmcia)
* Option GT Fusion (pcmcia)
* Sierra Aircard 875 (pcmcia)

- Direct unlock in few seconds
- Process is totally secure (read NKC from phone)
- Credits are needed for unlock process (10 credits = 1 phone unlocked)


We moved this models from POLARBOX to PANDABOX
This models still being free as always, but you now need PANDA for unlock it :-)

* BlackBerry Series 5xxx
* BlackBerry Series 6xxx
* BlackBerry Series 7xxx
* Ericsson F151 (fixed terminal)
* Telecom 7066 (fixed phone)

PolarSuite Update - Version 2.1.1


* Alcatel OT-111 - FIRST IN WORLD !!!

- Direct Unlock
- Read Codes (NCK SPCK and Reset Code)
- Repair MEPD Error (MEPD Not Present)
- Full repair (even for phones fullflashed)
- Read flash (Fullflash, Firmware, Language and Eeprom)
- Write flash (Fullflash, Firmware, Language and Eeprom)
- Rebuild Imei
- Working with baudrate up to 921.600 Bds
- Thanks to nyakam for his testings


* Added LG ME240 & 240 (for testing, unlock not enabled)

Important info :

When you press UNLOCK in this models (240 and ME240), polar will make "simlock area backup"
Will be stored into LG Backups folder, please send us to support@polarbox2.net

Other features :

- Fixed little bug in LG KS360 connection
- Fixed Active_WinDiag.cab for LG KS20 (previous not worked properly)
- Fixed flash/Unlock bug in KP115


* Samsung A437
* Samsung A637
* Samsung A837
* Samsung A867
* Samsung B2700
* Samsung C275L
* Samsung E200
* Samsung E747
* Samsung E2510
* Samsung F110
* Samsung F266
* Samsung F275L
* Samsung L180
* Samsung M150
* Samsung M600
* Samsung M3200
* Samsung P260
* Samsung S5600
* Samsung S6700
* Samsung S6700T
* Samsung S7220
* Samsung S8300

- Added Direct Unlock / Read codes to this phones

Other features :

- Fixed "WRONG CODES" in some models (Z240E ZV60 L760V etc ...)
- Fixed cable description / processes in some models (A517 A747 T429)
- Fixed some internal server procedures


* ZTE F230

- Added new versions (now all must be supported)
- Fixed bug in detection (wrong drivers)


* Sagem My100x My150x
* Sagem My200c My202c My210x My212x My214x My215x My220v My220x My225
* Sagem My300c My300l My300x My301x My302x My332
* Sagem My400x My400v My400l My401c My401ci My401x My401v My401l
* Sagem My411x My411xi My411v My411cv
* Sagem My501ci My501C My501Ci
* Sagem My511x My511xi
* Sagem MyC5-3
* Sagem MyE77
* Sagem MyX5-2V MyX6-2
* Sagem My-V56 My-V76
* Sagem VS4 VS5
* Sagem SG346i
* Sagem TCM303
* Vodafone 411 526 527 533

- Fixed bug in credits disccount (when you get "NEW ALGO" polar refund credits)
- Improved communication with server and modules


* Huawei U7310

- Direct unlock (Real, no patch and not need enter xxxxxxxxxx digits after unlock)
- Added READ NCK (unlock code)
- Read Usercode
- Added RESET for "NCK Counter Locked"
- Both processes (Unlock and Read codes) clear this counter automatically ...

* Other features :

- Fixed model description ZTE 277 to ZTE 227 (not solved in previous update)
- Fixed internal things into PolarBox2 Suite
- Added new versions of Polar_SAT and Reseller_Tool

New flashfiles added to Support

___________________________________________ LG


___________________________________________ Motorola



___________________________________________ Huawei

T201_Oct_23_2007_5615A4882D422_Fullflash(EN_ES).zi p

New Videos added into SUPPORT :-)

Thanks for all ppl who send videos, we will continue adding more and more
If you desire cooperate, send directly to support@polarbox2.net

PolarBox2 - LG KU990 (unlock).zip

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]
[ Http://www.polarbox2.net/ ]

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