May 3, 2009

Cyclonebox Installer v1.02 Released

Finally Here we go with our major update

== Installer v1.02 ==

- RAP3Gv2 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
- RAP3Gv3 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
- RAP3Gv3 PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
- RAPIDO PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
- RAPIDO PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
- SX4 Bypass added after PA_SL2 Unlock, if needed
- "Create RPL from phone" added. This is used to backup possible security data from phone in original NMP RPL format (plain one) this includes WMDRM Backup, All low-level certs (Nokia Public Certificate, Common Configuration Certificate, Hardware Certificate, VARIANT Cert), and Original SIMLOCK (only on PA_SL2 Phones !! ), which can be used to simlock restore / counter reset / PM 308 recreate - if needed - this data is sent directly to SIMLOCK SERVER directly so SL recreate is 100% "legal"
- Added Codes Counter Reset for PA_SL2 phones. Used to reset Keyboard/FBUS Code Counter.
- Added BB5 NCK Code FBUS Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when Keyboard counter is locked.
- Added BB5 NCK COde KEYBOARD Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when FBUS counter is locked.
- BB5 SL Export added. This exporting phone configuration key + simlock blocks to "SL5" file
- BB5 SL Import added. Used to import previously exported "SL5" structure to phone upon BB5 SP Initialization.
- BB5 PM -> Simlock RPL added, if PA_SL2 phone - use if simlock has been corrupted, and you have only PM backup. If PM have needed fields, it will create plain RPL file which can recreate simlock for you without headache.
- SL5 Creator support for Creating Relocked SL5 for desired MCC+MNC / Profile Bits
- Added "BB5_Autolock_IMSI.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to IMSI (one sim card).
- Added "BB5_Autolock_MCCMNC.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to MCC-MNC (operator).
- BB5 Plain RPL Write added.
- Added "UB Backup" option while writing BB5 Plain RPL (SIMLOCK AREA), since they aren't adding SHA-1 before SIMLOCK_DATA in RPL file - it needs be skipped in case.
- Added "Erase Security" option before RPL write. This is used when phone have problem with PM 308 blocks (downgrade, for example) and can't boot to accept superdongle / simlock data - in case, no need to full erase in case. Keep note that after RPL write YOU NEED SX4 Authorization with server and writing PM Fields 1 and 309. Otherwise your phone will fail to pass ST_SECURITY_TEST, and in effect will not boot.
- Skin stack updated to v6.30, this is more stable and fast
- Product code send added
- HWID send added
- PSN send added
- DCT4 Nand MASS MEMORY Partitioning added before write. May be skipped ticking apporiative Skip MM Part button.
- When no patch file found, SW will generate unlock codes for DCT4 unlock (asics 2,5,6,7)
- Security Code Mastercode is now being generated upon read info
- Added "Skip Patching" Option. Use for DCT4plus phones which are patched already, and all you need is to Initialize SP locks again (relock, etc)
- DCT4 NCK Key / FBUS Count is now being readed correctly
- DCT4 UEM OTP Imei Read added
- DCT4 SP Locks are being parsed upon read
- Added full support for Vista OS
- Added support for 64bit CPUs - tested on X64 XP Professional, should work on NT6 too
- BB5 Simlock backup before flash write no more asking user for directory, it's automaticlly saving to StoredFiles
- BB5 Simlock backup automatically saving backup in RPL format if possible (PA_SL2 phone detected), otherwise it will save it in PM format
- BB5 Booting routines totally refactorized
- After DCT4 Page erase, the last-error-status is now queried from phone
- Data checksum is now being checked again upon BB5 Flash Write
- When NPC Certificate are being backed up during SX4 Bypass, it is now stored as "PUBLIC_ID.Sx4Bypass.NPC.CMT.CRT", not "DowngradeRepair" as before
- When Writing BB5 Cert, it's now default pointing to StoredFiles
- User is now being warned before "Erase all certificates" - BB5 (avoid mistakes)
- For now, Erase All Certs erasing APE certificates too, if APE unit found
- DCT4 Plus 2680 v6.82 unlock partial fixed
- 2630 v57.20 Unlock added
- 2630b v57.20 Unlock added
- 2630b v06.82 Unlock added
- 2760b v06.82 Unlock added
- 2600c-b v06.82 Unlock added
- 1680c v06.82 Unlock added
- 1680c-b v06.82 Unlock added
- 5000db v 05.27 Unlock added
- 5000db v 05.45 Unlock added
- Included old "new security" unlock partials for 2630, 1680, 5000, 2680 - v6.82
- FastMM problem after exiting Main Application fixed
- Some DCT4Plus unlock bugs fixed (like This is Invalid Integer...)
- Added WD2 CBUS BT Phones support (bluetooth flashing problems)
- Check Flashing Bus (BB5) now booting phone completly, not only fetching 1st Boot Data
- Fixed problem when sometime wrong CMT / APE bootloader are being selected upon Certificate Operations
- Increased FBUS Timeout to repair FBUS transactions problems on some environments
- Netmonitor activation on DCT4/WD2 added
- WD2 Format User Area added
- "Initial SP corrupted" fixed on DCT4plus phones
- After finished flashing the sound now being played
- Cyclone HW Revision A112 support added
- Progressbar issue fixed while BT Flash
- SX4 Server Transaction fixed
- Bigger delay added after SX4 Bypass in order to handle PM write correctly
- More debug messages is now being shown upon BB5 booting
- Refactorized DCT4 ADSP Flashing routines
- DCT4 / BB5 Factory defaults after flashing fixed in some cases
- Minor changes and bugfixes
- Improved BB5 Local/Test mode changes
- Support : Fixed "Connection closed gracefully" in some cases
- Fixed problems when invalid IMEI are being readed out from phone (in case of phone wasn't initialized and FBUS problems occured)
- PM Write routines rewritten
- Security card is now being resetted before phone flashing, this have effect on authenthication speed when flashing many phones one by one
- Selftests routines improved (dynamic timeout)
- Multiple files can be now choosen upon Writing Certificates saved as "CRT" (Cyclone binary format)
- BB5 SP Locks now being parsed upon read out (blocks count, block content, etc)
- DCT4Plus partials with version 6.82 have now removed from supported UPP list ASIC ID "3168" which is not unlockable (for now) with rom 0600 to avoid destroyed phones (no signal), in case you will got message "Not supported UPP ID", but your phone SL area will be untouched and after flash it will still work.
- Blue screen of death fixed on some configurations
- After PM Write, Statistics added, so user can easily see how many PM Record written OK / NOT OK
- IMEI in "Credits" upon calculation is now checked for validity (last digit)
- Updated Message before using DCT4 RPL Credits - ASIC 11 takes 2 credits and rest 1 credit
- Main Nokia Firmware v1.03 avaiable, this changes:
-- TX2 Output pin is now constant (Service Pin 3) due to many mistakes on user side.
-- Flash write speed optimized, should be around 10% - 30% faster, especially on NAND-ONENAND phones. More optimizations to come.
-- Erase status is now signalized by USB (red) led.
-- Added support for WD2 CBUS BT Flashing
-- BB5 Booting Improved on some environments
-- RTOS Code Updated to 5.2.0
-- Microcode USB Stack is now Vista compatible
-- Removed blue screen of death problem on some XP configurations
-- Minor bugs, fixes, and improvments
- Versions snap
Installer v1.02
Main x86 Application v1.0.0.7396
x86 Memory Manager v4.92R2
Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.4
USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0
Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08
Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.03
Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09
Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0
BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed)
DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0)
DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090502
Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008
Skin Stack v6.30

Download Mirror 0 : (TRAFFIC SHARE Download - download without logging into Rapidshare Premium zone, free - no wait and limits)
Download Mirror 1 :


!! UPGRADE YOUR BOX FIRMWARE to version 1.03 !!
Of course we can't force you to do that, but you will loose some functionality (CBUS Flashing, UEM Reading, VISTA Support, etc).

Drivers should be updated automatically after installation using DPInst, but who knows.

You don't need to uninstall previous installation. Just install this version and It will automatically purge previous one (delete old drivers, loaders) and install just new one.

more to come in next week so stay tuned
Best regards,

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