May 9, 2009

♥Dream Box DBSS v3.13♥

Released support for the new range of the A2 platform (DB3210 chip) models:

* C series: C905
* G series: G702
* W series: W705
* Added the following options:
* Multiflash Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable.
* Read/write GDFS + TA.
* Phone customization.
* Read phone info.
* Reset User Lock.
* Reset Call Timer.

* Enabled Read/Write Full Flash for DB3150 chip (A2 platform).
* Supported TA operations for A2 platform models.
* Software interface and functionality improvements

Multilingual interface. Enabled adding new languages with open *.lng format.
Update notifier.

* Easy access to download area.
* Developed new Testpoint for the "Stage 2" (M39P0R907 chip) (special thanks for user "resident")

In this update: DBSS v3.13

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