May 6, 2009

new SETOOL update v0.915036

SETOOL update v0.915036


- updated model list
- updated bypass packages
- added support for db3200 cid49,cid51,cid52 alternative security bypass
- added support for db3200,db3210 cid53 flashing,gdfs operations,etc
- added support for db3200,db3210 cid53 unlocking
(via signature server, at the moment 2 credits required)
1. select phone model
2. mark "signed mode", "do full unlock instead usercode reset"
3. press "unlock/repair"

- added CORRECT PDA ACPU EROM recovery support for all PDA.
1. select correct PDA model
2. find corresponding EROM in dist\eroms\, add it to firmware area
3. select correct com/ufs port
4. press recovery
5. connect turned off phone
6. reflash phone via USB with normal firmware
- few minor bugs fixed/added
- few gui enhancements


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