May 2, 2009

Universal-SIM for iPhone 3G v620 (v2.2.1, modem 2.30.3) (latest version)

This version is a BETA Version and will not work on all possible simcards. Please use our forum section to inform us about the working and not working simcards.
* Download link: Universal-SIM_V620_iPhone3G:
* What’s new in V620 for iPhone 3G:
* special designed to work on iPhone 3G v2.2.1
* tested on modem v2.30.3
* changed iPhone unlocking method
* recommended setting: Use card ATR / Use standard baudrate (~10k)
* unlock time - around 5 minutes depending on simcard
* Tips for Universal-SIM iPhone 3G v2.2.1 software users:
1. Reboot the mobile phone after each unsuccessful try.
2. Wait until phone displays “No SIM card installed” or similar message in other languages then you can insert your simcard together with Universal-SIM. Do no insert universal-SIM before iPhone 3G software had finished loading.
3. After you insert the simcard phone must display
00:00 - “No Service” -> (after about 20 seconds) 00:20 -”Searching…” -> 01:00 “No SIM card installed” -> 01:30 wait and get signal -> 02:40 -> “Searching…” -> 03:40 - You can use the phone!
The times are approximate and will depend on the speed of the simcard and settings used ( please use normal 10k baudrate ( not higher )!

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