May 9, 2009

USTPRO 2 v9.5.1 Released

whats new ?

-Added support for Unlock/IMEI Rebuild ALL Qualcomm phones via USB cable only!
-Added "Reset PhoneLock and SIMLock" function for Qualcomm series > Reset all user locks via USB cable only.
-Added full support for E590
-Added full support for A137
-Added full support for V820L
-Added full support for T101 (T101G)
-Added full support for T201
-Added faster unlocking procedure for PNX6511 SWIFT series.
-Flashing procedure for AGERE T-NIMBUS MCP (256/1G/256) has been upgraded (like E900,E770,S501i,etc...) > No more errors in flashing phones released after APRIL 2008
-Added new version of Qualcomm USB Drivers.
-Added support for new PNX4901 INTEL memory.

SOFTBANK phones update
as our newest fones are on the way !! so we start up with V707SC2 only

-Added 707SCII Fast Unlock for ALL Versions :
-707SC2GBx (GB1-GB4)
-707SC2GCx (GC1-GC6)
-707SC2HAx (HA1-HA9)
-707SC2HBx (HB1-HB5)
-707SC2HCx (HC1-HC8)
-707SC2HEx (HE1-HE8)
-707SC2HGx (HG1-HG5)
-707SC2HIx (HI1-HI9)
-707SC2HLx (HL1-HL8)

download new setup from support page or get it from alternate rapidshare link


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