Jun 5, 2009

PM120 REPAIR TOOL v2.1g by Free

PM120 REPAIR TOOL v2.1g Released ,what's new:

.) corrected many bugs
.) more datailed simlock table infos (for 1,2 blocks, others follow when i have more testphones with this needed blocks)
.) bug in ask file reading, when imei is not readed no ask file is saved / working now...
.) i speeded up complete pm writing process
.) speeded up ask file reading with better timings...
.) after writing repair pm per ufs, simlock status is checked automatically

.) NOW DIRECT WRITING (PER UFS) for 7 Block Unlocked Repair PM Possible

.) 2 BLOCKS LOCKED WITH 2 PROVIDERS (for UK and Austrian Phones like N0kia 5800, also for many other countys possible)

.) Addjusted Automatic Seting of second Provider for Austria T-Mobile and UK Orange and UK H3G (please send more main with second provider to addjust more countrys)

also i need 3 blocks locked and unlocked pm backups to addjust this option.

Download : PM120 REPAIR TOOL.zip

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