Jul 12, 2009

FREE Virtual PKEY v2.0 - FREE JAF_1.98.64_fix - FREE JAF CC v0.78 By Zulea

Virtual PKEY v2.0 released:
- Added support for JAF_1.98.64_fix
- Improved working (emulation) speed, now very fast work when emulate JAF PKEy smartcard
- Added settings for Virtual Reader Poll Interval (default 1ms)
- Added settings for Debug Messages (different levels - default No debug Messages)

If you receive message "ERROR: Insert Virtual PKEY card" please REBOOT your PC!
If after reboot receive same message, that means Smartcard Service is not working well on your PC.
Try to restart/reinstall Smartcard Service, or try on another PC.
Also, latest JAF softwares (1.98.63 and 1.98.64) use a stupid method to check original windows WINSCARD.DLL
The coder of JAF check if WINSCARD.DLL is not modified, BUT he not had ALL VERSIONS for ALL KIND of Windows of this DLL.
So, there is chances that JAF will not start on your currently installed version of Windows.
Same problems have also users of real PKEY's, just check their support forum, there is a solution for that.

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