Sep 11, 2009

KULANKENDI KKMC V2.41 Samsung F480,F490 MSL2 2009 new protection ADDED

KKMC Ver 2.41

- World First!! Samsung F480, F490 MSL2 2009 new protection codes reading(by USB cable) - all sw versions!
- Added Huawei U1300,U1310 all sw versions by USB cable

RapidShare Link :

Manual how to buy and get credits for 1 minute 24/7/365 using :

1. Select correct credits from "buy now section"
2. Pay by PAYPAL or Credits Card
3. Click "Get Login/Password" button in KKMC/KKvip EXE
4. Write payment details : Transaction ID and email adres ( email adres mustbe same like you write for payment system )
5. Check mail box for kulankendi server access
6. By "copy/paste" write Login and Passwrord details to correct places in KKMC/KKVip Client EXE .
7. Select correct model from list and in left window you see step by step manual for unlocking your mobile phone or data card .

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