Sep 26, 2009

MT Box Nokia - MT Box DCT4+ patch files update v1.3

Release notes:

New supported models and versions for DCT4+ patch unlock:

  • 1680c RM-394 - v6.82
  • 2630 RM-298 - v6.82, v7.60

Added patch files for the following DCT4+ versions:

  • V_06_82_26_09_08_RM_394__c__Nokia.flp
  • V_07_60_10_04_09_RM_298__c__Nokia.flp
  • V_06_82_26_09_08_RM_298__c__Nokia.flp
MT box update tool v3.11 added, changed button name "Torrent access" to "Download zone" How to login to support:

  1. Connect MT box to USB port
  2. Start MT box update tool v3.11
  3. Press "Download zone" button
  4. Your default Internet browser will be started and you automatically logged to Download zone
  5. Our recommendation is Mozilla Firefox to prevent troubles with IE7 or IE8


    MT Box DCT4+ patch files update v1.3.exe

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