Sep 16, 2009

MT Box Nokia - MTB NK v1.60 setup

15.09.2009 - MT Box Nokia - MTB NK v1.60 setup

Release notes:

* Added support for FBUS flashing "RAPU-YAMA" phones : E52, 6700, 5630 etc...
* Fixed number of files that can be flashed to new BB5 phones.
* Changes regard to E71, E66 flashing. For those phones, in 'Automatic actions while flashing' option 'Low level format before Content' must be checked.

For BB5 phones, this option will restart phone in Normal Mode after MCU flash, and execute 'low level format' this is needed in order for phone to normally flash PPM.
Because this phones uses a lot of power it might be unable to restart in Normal Mode. In such case we recommend the following procedure as work around:

Solution 1:

1. Flash just MCU Flash file (check MCU checkbox only).
2. Put battery in phone and start.
3. Wait 10 seconds after it powers on.
4. Connect to MT and flash the other files ( uncheck MCU box, and check boxes for other files).
5. Flashing should proceed normally, and after flash phone will be in local or test mode.

Solution 2:

Connect original Nokia charger to MT, this could help phone to start in normal mode.

* New supported models and versions for DCT4+ patch unlock:

* 2680s RM-392 - v6.17
* 2680s RM-392 - V56.17
* 2720f RM-519 - v8.20
* 2323c RM-543 - v8.20
* 2330c RM-512 - v8.20

* Added patch files for the following DCT4+ versions:

* V_06_17_10_03_09_RM_392__c__Nokia.flp
* V_56_17_24_03_09_RM_392__c__Nokia.flp
* V_08_20_30_06_09_RM_519__c__Nokia.flp
* V_08_20_30_06_09_RM_543__c__Nokia.flp
* V_08_20_30_06_09_RM_512__c__Nokia.flp

Unlock price reduced to 2 credits per phone (price about 1 euro)
Imei C H A N G E price 2 credits per phone (price about 1 euro)

Download here

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