Sep 21, 2009

Setool Update v0.915050 Download Here


- added alternative security bypass for semc a2 cid53 phones.
that allow you to repair completely dead a2 cid53 phones:
- destroyed trim area
- foreign gdfs
- damaged semcboot

please note, that alternative security bypass for a2 cid53
IS NOT free and NOT STANDALONE (check prices for details)

please note, that if you will execute alternative bypass mode for a2 cid53
in order to unlock/flash/etc - you will lose device key and
drm functions possible will be damaged.

usage of a2 cid53 alternative security bypass exactly same as for a2 cid49/52
and explained in details in FAQ.

- because several guys researched "mystery" of a2 .cxc and released
own tools, i forced to release ".vkp" patching support for a2 phones.
please note,that ".vkp" patching will only work on phones in r&d state.

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