Sep 28, 2009

Setool Update v0.915051 Download Here


- added full support for upcoming semc db3350 phones.
as there are no phones on market, we can not test it,
so support for db3350 marked as HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL.

flashing/gdfs/filesystem operations should work flawlessly.
full unlock via signature and "alternative bypass mode" SHOULD work too,
but that things are absolutely not tested, so
MAKE GDFS BACKUP before doing full unlock
and only touch alternative security bypass if you absolutely crazy ;)
in any case, if phone will be killed - i will repair it for sure...
well, you have been warned.

please note, that alternative security bypass for a2 db3350 cid53
IS NOT free and NOT STANDALONE (check prices for details)

please note, that if you will execute alternative bypass mode for a2 cid53
in order to unlock/flash/etc - you will lose device key and
drm functions possible will be damaged.

- in some VERY RARE cases lg db3200 phones became completely dead
after unlock attempt or unlock/flashing procedure failed in start.
that should be fixed now, at least i received many good reports.

rapidshare FULL SETUP LINK

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