Oct 8, 2009

Setools Updates v0.915052 (Download Here)


- tested,fixed and apporved support for db3350 phones, thx to imobile
as my "dear friends" used to say: world first, genuine,blablabla,etc.
anyway, i'm sure everything works now for db3350 -
- full signature unlock
- altbypass mode
- flashing,filesystem,gdfs,trim area operations.

- regarding a2 cid53 phones:
use full signature unlock for FULLY GENUINE unlock.
it is fast and furious (tm)
use alternative bypass mode for completely damaged phones.
it is slower, but can fix any software problem.

in next 2-3 days i will release next version, which will not damage
device key in a2 cid53 phones when using alternative bypass mode.
(need to arrange reset station upgrade, that require some time)

in any way, i strongly recommend to use full signature unlock for
a1/a2 phones - it is absolutely genuine and can not tamper anything.

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