Dec 22, 2009

DCTPlus Unlocker by Genie Universal

"Dear Genie users,
We are pleased to announce a new feature of our unique device -
Standalone DCT4 Plus unlocker for new UPP ID 3186.
Currently only few models are supported, but we will work on this
to add more and more models.
The unlocker script is located in Programs\Script\4plus.amx
When you run the script, it will performe phone check if the
attached phone is supported. Then it will unlock the phone.
Currently supported phones are:
Nokia 1680c - RM-394 version 06.82
Nokia 1680c2 - RM-395 version 06.82
Nokia 7100s - RM-438 versions 05.22, 05.41, 06.31, 06.32
Nokia 2330c - RM-512 versions 06.46, 06.75, 08.20, 08.21
Nokia 2320c - RM-514 versions 06.75, 08.20
Nokia 2720f - RM-519 versions 08.20, 08.42

Please download the installer from Genie Universal Downloads - DCT4Plus v0.2
In order to install the standalone DCT4 Plus unlocker, you have to connect
Genie universal in Mass Storage Device mode.
The installer will search for connected Genie and will select the destination
SD card on Genie.
After sucessfull install, you have to upgrade your Genie operating system
to v This is in order to have support for DCT4 Plus unlock.

Please note that this is initial version and there might be some bugs.

I will be happy if you post some feedback.

Best regards

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