Oct 25, 2009

J.A.U - Just Another Unlocker v2.8.0

WHATS NEW?  (V2.8.0):
.) Fixed BB5+ SL2 Unlocking for HASH: BA...  (5310...)
   Now all supported BB5+ SL2 should be unlocked witouth Problem.
.) Implemented automatic Update and Installing of new J.A.U Versions...
   When next Version 2.8.1 is ready, you just need to press "Download" button
   in J.A.U Software, J.A.U will automatically download new Version und
   auto install J.A.U... after this it restarts J.A.U Software and you
   are ready to use.  No other steps needed anymore!
.) Addjusted in Settings Tab "Small Mode" and "Big Mode" feature for
   Monitors with small Display size like the EEEPC and others...
   Just press button to see full J.A.U.
.) Fixed "PM from Server" for SX4 Auth. Now it should work fine.
.) Addjusted more selftests.

pass : www.gsm2back.com

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  1. sir,,,,,this software its fantantic for newly like me but may prolem how to use it,,,what i mean the procedure and tooperate this. pls guide me and tell us to do this things.


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  2. ola cual es la contraceña de el programa •JAU - Just Another v2.6.8 NEGRO Unlocker-EDITION esq no se cual es exactamente coloco 12345 y no da saludos chao..
    kisiera liberar mi nokia 5800...

  3. mi correo es thestyng_90@hotmail.com

  4. Qual a senha pra descompactar o arquivo????
    What is the password for unzip the file??

  5. password : www.gsm2back.com