Dec 3, 2009

Setool Update v0.915057 Download Here


- added support for repair dead db3200-based lg phones (gt505,etc)
if /sys partition damaged
(you CAN'T read gdfs, eraseSecData errors)
add to firmware area gt505_syspart_fix.ssw
press flash
unlock phone
fullflash phone
if /drm partition damaged
(phone blinks on lg logo after /sys repair and you CAN read gdfs)
add to firmware area gt505_drm_fix.ssw
press flash
unlock phone
fullflash phone
- added support for repair semc a2 phones with flash cid>otp cid
check "use signed mode",
"use alternative security bypass",
"use preloader security bypass"
press unlock
credits consumption same as a2 cid53 unlock feature.

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