Feb 24, 2010

FREE for ALL JAF Virtual PKEY V4 - UNLOCK any SL1, SL2 using JAF 1.98.65

- Not need PKEY, fully emulated using PKEY in software using (c) Virtual Pkey technology
- Removed TIME-BOMB firmware damage from original JAF exe.
- Works well with latest ORIGINAL update released by JAF Team (1.98.65)

Note for Windows Vista users:
MUST be run with ADMINISTRATOR privileges (Right click, Run as administrator), if not, will receive this error: "ERROR: Can not find Program Files Directory (1)"

It works well for ALL,

1- install JAF v1.98.65
2- extract JAF1.98.65beta1.rar and cpoy file to
C:\Program Files\Odeon\JAF
3- copy driver to
Virtual PKEY v4

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