Apr 13, 2020

Aqua Dongle V2.0 All In One Module World First Update

 Free eMMc ISP Module Support
Any Universal Adapter Will Work as long as Connected
eMMc Isp Module:

[Added] Automated Device Lock Removal old Encrypted

[Added] Automated Device Lock Removal New Encrypted Device's
[Added] Support Structures For Asus,Oppo,Vivo,Huawei,Zte etc
[Added] Auto Detect System Type
[Added] Remove Device Lock Old
[Added] Remove Device Lock New
[Added] Disable Device Lock Old
[Added] Disable Device Lock New
[Added] Save User Content's etc

With AQUA Dongle You Do Not Need to Factory Reset for Remove User Locks of Your Android Phone.
Now Your Data Will be Safe with AQUA Dongle

MTK Special Update
[Added] Added Analyse Da Option World's First
[Exe Will Tell What Chipset DA can be used]

[Added] MTK Android Meta Mode New Features
[Added] MTK Android Flash Mode New Features
[Added] MTK Android ADB Mode New Features
[Added] MTK Modem Mode [AT] Mode Feature

META Mode Feature's
[Added] Read Pattern Lock in Meta Mode Non Encrypted Devices
[Added] Safe Factory Reset Latest Vivo Models in Meta Mode
[Added] Imei Repair in Meta Mode
[Added] Supported Imei1, Imei2, Imei3, Imei4

Flash Mode Feature's
[Added] Flash Mode Safe Factory Reset
[Added] Flash Mode Fix-Dl Image Error
[Added] 3 Different Methods For Flashing (Latest Chipset)
[Added] Normal Flash, Firmware Update, Format Update
[Added] Supported High Speed, Full Speed Method's
[Added] Supported No Battery Flashing
[Added] Supported Old/New Type Scatter
[Added] Custom Select Da,Auth,PL

ADB Mode Feature's
[Added] ADB Mode Disable Screen Lock's for MTK Device's
Improved! ADB Mode FRP Reset for MTK Device's

Modem Mode Feature [AT]
This Method Will work on Wide range on Devices old and New
[Added] Mediatek Imei Repair Modem Mode [AT Mode]
[Added] Support Read imei1, imei2
[Added] Support Repair imei1, imei2

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